Abi Rowlands

Sales & Leasing Associate to Emily Pendleton


Abi Rowlands is a highly skilled and experienced commercial real estate agent, with a wealth of knowledge in the industry. With expertise in various areas of real estate, including leasing and property management, Abi brings a comprehensive understanding of the market to her clients.

Abi's background includes a Bachelor of Business Management, providing her with a solid foundation in business principles, which she applies to her work as a real estate agent. She has excellent communication skills, allowing her to build strong relationships with her clients and understand their unique needs.

Abi is dedicated and transparent, always putting her clients' interests first. She works tirelessly to identify the right properties for her clients, ensuring that they find the perfect location to suit their business needs. With a commitment to providing exceptional service and delivering results, Abi is a trusted advisor to her clients and a respected member of the real estate community.