Griffin Deakin

Sales & Leasing Associate

Griffin Deakin is a highly motivated Sales & Leasing Associate at Ray White Commercial Northern Corridor Group. With a background steeped in the world of sports, including swimming and motocross, Griffin has cultivated a competitive and driven nature that fuels his professional pursuits. He has also been actively involved in team sports, such as basketball and rugby, which have honed his teamwork skills and instilled in him the value of collaboration.

Since the age of 15, Griffin has been immersed in sales-oriented roles, allowing him to develop a keen understanding of the dynamics of the sales industry. This extensive experience has equipped him with valuable insights into customer needs, negotiation techniques, and building strong client relationships.

Currently pursuing a degree in Property Economics at QUT, Griffin showcases his commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. He has excelled in subjects like Property Transactions and Investment Valuation, displaying a profound understanding of the intricacies of the real estate market.

Griffin has already made a significant impact by fostering lasting relationships with both colleagues and clients. His ability to connect with people, coupled with exceptional communication skills, has earned him a reputation as a trusted professional who consistently delivers exceptional results.

Griffin's positive attitude and laid-back nature are instrumental in creating a comfortable and productive environment for both his team and clients. His genuine enthusiasm for his work shines through in every interaction, allowing him to establish rapport quickly and effectively.

As a Sales & Leasing Associate at RWC Northern Corridor Group, Griffin Deakin embodies professionalism, tenacity, and a passion for the real estate industry. With a proven track record of success, he is dedicated to helping clients achieve their property goals while delivering an outstanding level of service.