Louise Ruyg

Major Projects


A commitment to a 10/10 premium level of service is the solid foundation that underpins Louise’s success. Her dedication and drive set her apart. With a natural knack for understanding market dynamics and an innate ability to forge meaningful connections, she quickly established herself as a trusted advisor for clients seeking exceptional results.

Louise takes pride in her reputation of being regarded as a person you can trust and who genuinely cares about people and the integrity of the process.

With over 35 years of experience, she is the agent other agents turn to for advice regarding strategy, marketing and design. She has a career spanning nearly a decade, specialising in the real estate industry in both residential and commercial offices.

Louise is transparent and honest in her communication style to ensure her clients have peace of mind, knowing their decisions are always informed and the results they achieve are the best available in today’s market.

“I have never lost a client or listing to another agent. People don’t leave when they are happy, well informed, and they see first-hand that you care about the results you achieve for them; it’s that simple.