Official opening of the gates at Aura Business Park

By Ashley Rees

Excitement on the Sunshine Coast is rising in anticipation for the official opening of the gates at Aura Business Park on the 14th of this month. 22 lots have already sold off-plan, but we anticipate this is just the beginning of a shift in industrial activity towards the southern end of the coast.

The driving force for this is the change in the very nature of the Sunshine Coast economy that we are witnessing. Where once we were an insulated satellite economy almost exclusively servicing the local market, we are now attracting businesses who’s specialised skills and products are meeting the demands of global markets.

Connectivity is key for these businesses wanting to enjoy the benefits of the Coast’s lifestyle, without sacrificing functionality, and is the reason most are seeking commercial property in the southern part of the Coast or northern end of Moreton Bay. We only hope the planned highway upgrades are delivered in time to meet this ongoing demand but in any case, it is an exciting time for the northern corridor.

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