Caloundra Music Festival vital to the Sunshine Coast region

While financial specifics currently dominate the argument surrounding the efficacy of the Caloundra Music Festival, it is important to note the vital role this community event plays in the broader economy of Caloundra and the Sunshine Coast.

An additional $4 million was injected into the Caloundra and Sunshine Coast community in 2018, via the incredibly popular, family friendly Caloundra Music Festival which brings an array of local and international acts to the region each year.

With over 33,000 attendees entering the festival across the four-day event, over 1,000 of which were from across the country and 6,000 within Queensland, the events growing popularity is self-evident.

Research has also indicated that for every dollar spent on this festival $20 dollars is returned in greater community benefits which is a fantastic result for the area.

Our residents love coming together in substantial numbers to be part of this festival. It really has become part of the DNA of our town now.

It’s great that patrons can move in and out of the gate and frequent surrounding local business.

The CMF is also a stepping stone for many of our local artists to develop into professional and touring acts from very young ages, more so than I’ve seen in other regions.

This is reflected by the number of Sunshine Coast awardees at the Queensland Music Awards which showcase our young and emerging industry.

In festival terms, it fits into our landscape beautifully. It is family friendly and a child safe festival – a massive badge of honour.

That branding is important for Caloundra especially with so many young families moving to the Sunshine Coast.

The Music Festival has laid a foundation for events on the Sunshine Coast and are thrilled that the event has the opportunity to continue building on past successes.

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